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Yogg Saron down!

Thanks to a revised strat courtesy of Del, and amazing execution courtesy of these people:

Watchers finally killed the Old God on Fri, Oct 9th.

We also managed to spam the guild to hell with Achievements.

Go team!

It was so early that we ran over and hit up Iron Council for some hard modeling.

It was immediately clear that [I Choose You, Steelbreaker] was totally winnable. But just for good measure we wiped for an hour for ridiculous reasons. One time I died randomly to a crazy spike. Then the server crashed mid-fight and reset the instance on us.

Finally, when nothing absurdly unlucky happened, we owned him.

And I blew up Binky anyway! Hooray!

Congratulations Katala on the amazing Algalon summoning quest item drop thing.

As our reward, we got to sit through almost 20 minutes of Brann Bronzebeard dialog, followed by some running about and, ultimately, awesome Prima strategy tips on Keeper hardmodes from a friendly computer. We even saw mini-Mini dance!

Well... there're 10 of us here!

I definitely want to see more raid cut scenes from Blizz. It feels awesome to unlock cool sequences.

The path to Algalon is laid out before us. And it's looking pretty brutal. But we shall persevere!

Carwin the Starcaller
Carwin, Champion of Ulduar

They both sound good to me!
10 Oct 2009 by carwin

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