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Sif? More like Stiff!
On Sept. 2nd we convinced Thorim to beat up his (illusory) girl-friend, giving us our third Ulduar hard-mode kill and a very pretty achievement:

The fight was very hard, but gradually became more and more manageable with practice. What at first seemed impossible became doable, then comfortable, then win! We even had a <1% wipe.

I don't expect we'll be doing it weekly, but we could do it again for sure.

We also got this neato achievement completely on accident:

Trial of the Crusader is trivial at this point. But still fun!

We finally remembered to get kill shots:

Fordring is like "hey, that was cool. Now try hardmode."

Maybe later man...

We've made good Yogg Progress, though no kill yet. Phase 3, which we've heard is "the easy part," is proving rather troublesome. But we'll get it.

Finally, make sure you check out Katala's hilarious progress charts, filling in for my ultra-slacker self who hasn't updated them since like Naxx.

They may not have the saviour fuax (I AM VERY FRENCH CAN U TELL!) of my charts, but they've got 10x the humor!

Check Check It!

Until next time...

22 Sep 2009 by carwin

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