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Vezax Attax
Three weeks ago we started the Descent into Madness, the final section of Ulduar.

It didn't take long for us to run into this fantastical fellow:

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General Vezax is a pretty tough nut. It's a very straight-forward fight from a strat perspective, it's more about perfecting execution and organizing healing than the complex, reactionary madness of Mimiron.


On Sunday, August 2nd we killed him in what felt like a bizarrely easy attempt. Perfect kill, even.


Which leaves just one, lonely boss in left Ulduar. Yogg-Saron himself!

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Will we uncover the secret of the ooze?

Floating clouds of death float and bring death. Also: Squidbeasts!

We got completely murdered in the head. Ouch.

But we'll be back.

Bonus news:
Friday August 7th we brought together all of our learning and succeedin' and hit our first two Ulduar hard modes!!!

Flame Leviathan +4 : down!
Deconstructor Hard Mode: down!

226 tank pants for me : yes!
226 tank ring for Del: yep!

Great work everyone!
08 Aug 2009 by carwin

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