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It's news time once again, Watchers!

Actually, it's waaay past news time. This is like tonight's 10:00 news coming on at 11:00... next month.

So prepare yourself for a whirlwind blast of catching-upping.


Our top story: Four weeks of raiding Naxx has seen 13 out of 15 bosses killed. So, upon consulting my calculatron, that comes 86.6% of bosses dead.

For comparison: It took us 4 months to kill the equivalent number of bosses in Kara, and 6 months for the same in ZG.

Is Naxx really that much easier? Have we just gotten that much better? Nobody knows. Actually I do, but I'll never tell.

For a mindless horde, the scourge are awfully industrious architects.

As you probably know: Naxxramas is a scourge necropolis, home to Kel'Thuzad, a lich of not terribly great import in the grand scheme of things. Legions of horrible undead dwell within, spreading plague and spending their endless days meandering, corrupting, horrifying, and excitedly vomiting bile on each other.

Uh, bear... is your pet looking at the fish feast or at me?

The raid is split into four wings: The Easy Wing, The Annoying Wing, The Weird Wing, and the Easy Until The Last Boss Fight Wing. For you lore nuts they're also called the Arachnid Quarter, the Abomination Quarter, the Plague Quarter, and the Military Quarter.

Running that through the calculatron that comes out to 4/4, or 1 instance. And yet there are 2 more bosses after that! It does not compute!

The varied and fun boss fights include:

A battle against an inexplicable "why would anyone create this?" puppy monster:

I should not be!

A friendly fungus who is actually not terrible friendly:

Loatheb saw the raid. The raid saw Loatheb. And tensions rose.

A sparkly spider:

Bright colors on a spider mean it's NOT poisonous, right?

DDR:MMO edition:

It's all the rage in Japan.

And the infamous battle against Giant Jorr and his oompa loompa clone:

When I grow up I wanna be just like uncle jorjaw!

It all sort of culminates in the Four Horsemen (though technically you can do it in any order), which look sinister but have a weird and somewhat anti-climactic tendaecy to repeatedly call raid members "daffodils."

Fun fact: it's impossible to get a decent screenshot of the horsemen without aggroing them. Go ahead and give it a try next time your there, your raid will understand.

This is probably the most technical fight of the four quarters, which I guess also makes it the hardest. It's not particularly hard actually, it just feels hard, and it's the only Naxx fight that gives me that sense of stress I used to associate with actually-hard fights like Aran (before we ludicrously overgeared him).

Let's play Truth or Rivendare!

Nevertheless we beat em ezpz:

With the four quarters down (thereby constituting one entire instance), we happily trotted through the newly-opened portal to Sapphiron's lair.

Well he doesn't look too bad. (Click for larger version)

Naturally, Sapph kicked the crap out of us. I don't think we made it past 80%. That fight is just rains of spikey ice and frosty insta-death shockwaves and raid-wide aura damage madness. We were faced in the face.

My first thought was: "Wow! A real challenge!" followed shortly thereafter by "is that a good thing? Or bad?" I still don't have an answer to that one.

So I, uh, just hack at its shin bone? And eventually it'll die you say?

Either way: it doesn't matter. It turns out Sapphiron has been bugged since 3.0.8 (aka: since we got to him) and was doing 25-man raid damage in the 10-man raid. Whoops!

We haven't been back yet... but when we go I suspect he'll be a bit easier.

I use those obedience crystals on Redaxe when he gets out of line

In the end, Naxx is colorful, easy and fun. If this is the template for LK raid content, we non-super-raiders finally have some real end-game to look forward to.

Kel'Thuzad kill coming soon! (tm)

06 Feb 2009 by carwin

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