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Sarth n' Archie
Lich King's been out for a little over a month, and Watchers has got 15-something level 80s now. We've all been running heroics and questing and repping and gearing up, so we decided it's about time to start in on some real content.

Last Wednesday (Dec. 10th) we only had 9 80s available, so we went to check out the notoriously easy boss of Lake Wintergrasp: Archavon the Stone Watcher.

Let me first say that "the Stone Watcher" is about the worst title you can have. Basically, everyone who knows you must consider your most notable habit to be "staring at rocks," to the point that it just sort of became your last name. I guess it's marginally better than "Archavon the Incredibly Boring," or "Archavon the Rock Humper."

I guess unless you're a Watcher MADE of stone. That'd be extremely awesome.

Or you could be a Stoned Watcher... like MD.

Anyway, Croy tripped and broke his neck in the first 10 seconds of the first pull, so we fought Archie with 8. We wiped to the enrage timer at 10%, so yeah, not too hard. The next try, with a full 9, we wrecked him.

I'd make a joke about "Fallen Arches" but I don't really know what that is. Some kind of foot condition? That's hardly a laughing matter.

Watchers crawl over the Stone Corpse like squirrel's on a... uh, Nut Corpse.

Archie dropped the worst items he could possibly drop, because he's just that kind of stone starerer.

No Rogues, No Death Knights.

So that's our first 2 Abyss Shards in the guild bank. Hooray!

The date is wrong, as usual. I think the achievement clock is located in the same crazy future-land that Mem lives in.

A week passed and everyone heroic'd and level'd and presumably slept and ate periodically. Wednesday Raid came again and this time we had 11 attend, which lead to our first LK benching. That's always a bummer. We tried to do it as fairly as possible and everyone /rolled, and Croy lost.

Sorry dude. You're in next week!

This time we went to the Obsidian Sanctum for some good old fashioned Dragon Slaying.

Arguably the bottom of the first tier of LK raid content (excluding Archie, who's kind of a weird side thing), the Obsidian Sanctum is a "plane" attached to Wyrmrest Temple that the Black Dragon flight uses to hide out in and raise their young. Sartharion the Onyx Guardian hangs out there, sitting on the eggs or something.

Our reasons for invading it and murdering everyone are murky at best. I think the motivation goes: "blah blah loot blah blah epix!"

These dragons should really re-consider that whole hoard thing.

The Sanctum has an old-school Blackrock vibe, which I really dig.

We tried to bring our old UBRS ice-trappin' skills back into play with the trash pulls, but we're a little rusty. CC is SO last expansion. I think we got one ice off per pull, which is pretty good by modern standards!

Shadaron Shaccaron

There are three drake mini-bosses that you have to kill (or should kill, at least) on the way to Sartharion. They're pretty fun -- you have to run in and out of little portals that appear and kill ghosty acolytes who do various weird things, like spawning baby dragons or making the drakes invincible.

Sartharion himself likes to shout about protecting his precious baybies, and makes a lot of fun comments about it being hot in here (so you should take off all your clothes).

Here's a small sampling of his running commentary on the weather in the Plane of Volcanos, or wherever the hell we are:

* How much heat can you take?
* Such flammable little insects....
* All will be reduced to ash!

It already is, buddy. You live in Magmaland.

The fight itself is great fun. Without being tooo specific, it involves things like this:

And of course good old-fashion giant-monster foot-stabbing.

It's very well balanced for an introductory raid (so-long BC-balance! you won't be missed). The fight is not a complete push-over -- everyone has to understand and react to what's happening -- but it's very doable even with a wonky raid.

We only had two healers and we managed it on the third attempt, though it was close. The last 5% was rapid wipeage, and when Sartharion died only Dracoz remained, bubbling through Sarth's last 2000 HP.

My corpse earned this!

And so our first "real" LK raid boss was defeated. And hundreds of innocent little black dragons died or starved or melted in magma waves or something. Small price to pay for 2 epics.

Sarthy was a bit less obnoxious than Archie in the loot department.

Grats everyone!

The guild's first piece of Tier 7 loot went to Jaspin!


The stats are awesome, but I have to say the art looks a bit like he stuck a pair of white gloves in butter.

Finger-licking good

Thanks to everyone who came, it was great fun. We'll be back next week for sure.
19 Dec 2008 by carwin

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