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Pumpkinpalooza 2008
Before I get started:

You voted for president, now vote for something that really matters. The New Watchers Tabard Design.

Actually the vote won't be up until this weekend. But you know... go look and think about it and stuff.


Halloween on Azeroth was a little different this year. Partly because there were zombies everywhere, but mostly because of achievements. Content that was once a fun distraction became srs bsns as everyone scrambled to earn their "Hallowed" title before the holiday ended.


It was sort for better and for worse. On one hand a lot more attention was paid to all the halloween stuff, making it seem more like a real event and less like plain old WoW, plus masks. On the other hand, it took on an element of "work" that makes me feel a little stressed about future holidays.

To help ease the burden, Katala hosted a Halloween Wand Swap and Building Burning Extravaganza, where we all got together, swapped wands and cheerfully watched civilizations die.

The best part was when the orphans complained about us letting the city burn down for like the third time ("If my daddy were here he'd put out the fires!"), and without hesitation the entire raid unloaded their AEs on them.

It's times like that I'm glad to be a Watcher.

So come be fill up on glad with me as we take a photographic journey through Katala's (Burning) Halloween Town. And make sure you give Kat a hearty "thanks dawg!" for putting it all together.

Go ahead. Bob.

An overview of the festivities.

The Lord of Halloween demands you fill his bucket!
With what? Surprise him!

See the bear in the background? It's eating orphans. 8D

I always heard that gnomes had large broomsticks, but sheesh!

This particular hot tub / girl combination is somehow lacking the usual appeal...

What do we look like, the fire department? Save yer own village!

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkin-head ninjas with buckets.

Oh and here's the traditional All Hallow's Eve Rampaging Sparkly T-rex. How cliche.

Apparently nobody fears Piranha Carwin. :(

Scariest... screenshot... ever.


Fin's an Epic Wader!

Halp! Halp! Ghoulies gots mah news bucket!

Halloween: the one time of year when begging is socially acceptable...

...and Gowares still managed to screw it up.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this hill is haunted.

Their mission finally completed, the Ninja Army just sort of milled about in the tundra, straddling sticks and carving pumpkins, until they eventually froze to death.

Could this be love at first sight?

There were also Blizzard-sponsored Halloween events. One was the Headless Horseman, returning from last year with some new loots and an extra heap of achievement-inspired motivation.

Like him? I hope so. You get to farm him every night for almost 3 weeks!

Also, Prince Tendris Murkblood (aka: WoW's first vampire) appeared in Karazhan to haunt / harass everyone. Technically he was part of the Scourge Invasion, not Halloween, but whatever. He's a vampire!

That Monster Slayer's Kit lets you throw most of the weapons from Castlevania! Knives, Axes, Cross-Boomerangs and Holy Water! You don't even need any hearts to use them. How cool is that?

Ooooh, I'd better go. That describes me to a tee. To a tea. To a... T? What the hell kind of phrase is that anyway?

Until next year: ride with the moon in the dead of night baby!
06 Nov 2008 by carwin

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