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Greebo's Unreasonable Adventure
Deadmines? More like Dead... mines... no wait, actually that's about right.

Insane pwnage ensued this Wednedsay when Watchers descended upon the Deadmines for our first time ever. We brought approximately 18 people, 7 short of the raid cap, and the group make-up was less than ideal. We even had several <70s in attendance!

Just to stack the odds even more dramatically against us: we were naked.

Dun dun duuunnnnn...

I know, MADNESS! you say. That's what everyone said. Well, tell it to Van Cleef's corpse mister... cause we rocked that zone like it was 2005 and we were 60 and naked and also rocking that zone.

If you think this is just my ego complex talking, you must've had too much MGD.

I'll defer to Tom for his report on the details:

Sentinel Beach

We gathered at Sentinel Hill and after much drunken naked boxing, ran to the Entrance to Deadmines. Of course we totally forgot about the naked level 20s so they died to bandits, gnolls, crazy scarecrow-robocops. But, who cares, zero gear = zero repair costs! [Smamdo: sadface]

Everyone was broken into teams as such:

Team Smamdo [winners by default]

Team Eladora [nerfpls]

Team Tharil [Not enough rage]

Team Jedidiah [Fresh outta Springfield]

Each team Captain was given 1 stack of bullets, 1 stack of arrows, a mining pick, and a smithing hammer.

And they started. I have to say, the run took WAY less time then I thought it would. The first team cleared the final boss and was out the back door in under 15 minutes. It took me almost more time to make the teams then for them to clear the instance. In fact, in the amount of time it took Tom to run from the front door to the back door, teams were already halfway through.

There was a couple of deaths, lots of dead mobs, and some cool lvl 18 blue upgrades for level 70s. Apparently holy priests make excellent AOE, and Mages appear to have endless mana even without gear. None of which I have screen shots of because I wasnít in a group. However, Car mentioned he had some.

The win order was:
Team Eladora
Team Tharil
Team Smamdo [Robbed!]
Team Jedidiah

Since the events took about a third of the time planned we did a clothing optional Silvermoon PVP raid. We met with some initial success and managed to kill some Blood elf mage boss, but she didnít have loot, just 120g (7.5g each). Then the horde showed up. We managed to clear to some room with 3 bosses in it. Pulled them and suddenly got swarmed by 100 guards and about 10 players. After a couple of unsuccessful corpse run attempts we called it a night, well except Dracoz who chain killed the priest trainers, and Jorren, who was chain killing Deer's lvl 15 horde toon.


During this, Fin and Osh were on their horde toons, in vent, reading to us the horde Trade channel. Apparently, they freak out even more then alliance when they get raided. While we are chain corpse rez wiping, they are freaking out, yelling for more support in trade channel. Our 15 member raid apparently constituted ďa tonĒ of alliance. Good to know it isnít just alliance.

It was a ton of fun, thank you all who attended. Special thanks to Redaxe, who donated almost all of the prizes.

To read the awesome lore behind this event, check out Tom's posts here:
Part 1: Greebo Comes
Part 2: Greebo Revealed

And last but not least:
Pee vee pees!

Dot invasion!

Wait, this is one-way too. Dammit... does anyone know how we get to 57th and Park?

We'll save you M'uru!!

You're free! Quick, run to the Sunwell!

Maybe if we just walk in like we're supposed to be here, they'll let us pass?

This situation calls for a little extra "Hustle" than normal!

Your Hustle has been tested, and has been found wanting

Memorable quotes:

Said by a hordie, about Jorren (who basically flips out and kills people ALL the time).
"Careful, when he gets up he'll want blood!"

Said by a hordie, about Alliance:
"It's just ally feeding their ego complex, when they're done they'll go home."

Said by a hordie, after our chain-wiping, perpetually lost 15 person raid had been repeated pwnt in the Spire and we were all trying to hearth:

It great fun everyone! Thanks for coming.
28 Feb 2008 by carwin

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