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No country for O-men
It's been a slow month in Watcherville. There was a little drama and in response we're taking a break from Karazhan, which had become an un-fun grind anyway. There's still some Karaing happening on Friday night, but it's not officially sponsored by the guild. Just folks running it ad-hoc, which is cool.

There's been a noticeable increase in 5-mans and heroics and whatnot, which has been nice. But mostly we're just chilling. I'm not sure how long it'll go on... but I'm personally in no rush. We've been in Kara for over 8 months now; a few more or less runs seems pretty immaterial, and frankly nobody seemed to be having a very good time in there anymore anyway.

I've been trying to get folks through the Trial of the Naaru quests, just because it's something to do. They're surprisingly fun! We cleared the Shattered Halls timed run twice in the last week. I'll probably do a few more before moving on to Shadow Labs or Arcatraz.

We raided Omen for the Lunar Festival event. Stomped him dead with 9 people. Granted some died nearly a dozen times... but whatever. GY zerging is a perfectly legitimate strat in my neck of the woods.

There's been a series of ludicrous PuG raids going on that we've been participating in as well. Over the past 2 weeks we fought Lurker Below, Gruul twice, and Magetheridon with raids of random people, sporting an average attendance of 5 Watchers per raid. Only one actually worked out (Gruul down!), but they were all fun in their own special ways.

I personally attended a ZA PuG where the raid leader, after explaining that we shouldn't worry about his suit of greens and blues because he had "TALENT!" told us he raided with only "THE BEST OR NO LESS." He then asked if anyone knew what we were supposed to do in ZA ("please guide us"), refused to mark targets (or to give me an (a) when I offered), and ultimately yelled at the MT for reasons that remain unclear (thankfully wasn't me). Good times. /leave.

Thanks for reminding me why I hate PuGs, kind stranger. That fantastic Gruul raid had me mixed up for a few days.

2.4 is on the horizon, promising a neat new 5-man, new dailies and ridiculously uber new badge loot that blows Kara gear out of the water. That'll be a nice injection of "new stuff" when it hits.

Lucent came to visit us on WoW, which was awesome. He had a great time as far as I could tell, and hit level 20 almost immediately. Then he abandoned us, like puppies on the side of a barren highway. :(

There's been some fun on the forums. I've been writing the Rise of Gnomeregan, which is coming out pretty entertaining. It's loosely inspired by the Dark Secret of Animal Crossing and the SA Let's Play forum, which is a must-read. We collectively discovered Troll 2, refused to watch Lucent's Smash Brothers Spoiler video, and enjoyed delicious meat ships.

I hope everyone had happy V-days and P-days and everything else. See you online, chillin' old skool.
19 Feb 2008 by carwin

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