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Did I just read what I thought I read??

Hey now! Yes, you sure did! On your tab today is Dynamis-Jeuno through the eyes of somebody who has never gone yet been 75 for almost a year and has been playing since North American release nearly 6 years ago. Most of this story will be comprised of pictures as I don't have anything to add other than "we zoned, we fought, we zoned out". Let's watch!

It all started the other day while fighting in a Campaign battle with several Tarutarus to save Windurst from inevitable doom. (Once the inevitable doom content is available next month after the update.) I crack a few jokes with some of my fellow mini-combatants. They joke about my height. I joke about seemingly stumbling on to an Oompa Loompa community. Thankfully, it wasn't nudist.

I receive a party invitation from one of the Taru Loompas named Darkchild to fight with him against the infernal Yagudo and their nasty-wasty magic. Shortly after entering the party I get another proposition.

Darkchild>>: {Hello!}
Lucent: hi
Darkchild>>: would you like to join a dyna shell?
Lucent: o.O

I'm not sure if it's my glorious Elvaanness or just how well I described myself to him in that one greeting, but some part of him knew I was destined for greatness and was somebody who could DEFINITELY be trusted with the lives of a couple dozen in a high end zone. After some more persuasion I agree to participate.

Meeting new people and preparing for impending doom.

Right after I zone in. The entrance is by the elevators to the Mog Houses in Ru'Lude Gardens.

After a few minutes of taking a crash course in Dynamis 101, we set out. I was told to expect several alliance wipes. Below is how far we managed to get before our first wipe.

Five feet at best. Poor mages didn't even get to move one inch.

Frustrated with the initial slow progress I boldly charge ahead to show all these amateurs how Dynamis is done. After all, this might be my first Dynamis rodeo but I've taken down a few bulls before. Below is my substantial advancement.

Twenty feet! That's 4 times what we did before!

Without any other deaths we made it to the staircase (whopping 100 feet about) and I snapped this gem of photographic excellence at night with clouds (during a New Moon just in case) and double "darkness" weather.

We are about to pull the goblin statue in the center of the screen. He magically transforms into 6 or 8 goblins.

Turning the corner and heading across the normal zone line for Upper Jeuno we fight one of the many Notorious Monsters in Dynamis-Jeuno.

The NM featured below must have been pulled by a Galka Warrior named Mike Tyson.

That Buffrix Eargone joke was just for you, Carwin.

Here we are pulling a statue which turned into 3 goblins who summoned Ifrit, Garuda, and Ramuh. I actually had to do a small amount of tanking when main Paladin went down but I wasn't in a position to handle a camera at that point so you will have to take my word for it.

So THIS is what foreseeing your own death is like!

We eventually clear out the Auction House area and proceed back to where Maat would normally hide. This is where I died my 3rd and final time. I found out later we were about six pulls away from victory when time ran out on us.

So if you were to ask me what Dynamis victory feels like I'd have to say I have no idea. However, going in the first time was really fun. Fortunately the group that invited me was very understanding and helped me along as I went. We had a very rough start but apparently made amazing progress with the time we were left with and almost won!

Be sure to check back later as I hope to FINALLY have another Wings of the Goddess update for the bar tab. I might showcase one of the really fun quests or go into detail about "Campaign", a new means of gaining experience that beats out anything I've ever done in the game. See you all soon!
16 Jan 2008 by lucent

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