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Carwin's account stolen!
Last night my account was hacked/key-logged!

And no I'm not joking for once. :(

Evil-Carwin pretty much cleared out the guild bank, murdered all of his alts (Digby!!) and... ran Shadow Labs? Who knows why. Probably because he's a dick and must not only ruin my day and my acct, but also my reputation by being a crappy tank for an SL pug.

Horun noticed and called me and I reset the password, so the madness has stopped for now. Unfortunately Blizzard's CS doesn't open until 8:00 PST (11:00 my time) so I have to sit and wait 2 hours before I can do anything about the lost items/chars.

You can help: Please log in and submit a GM ticket saying that your guild leader's account was stolen and was used to empty the guild bank.

The more consenting voices we have, the less trouble we'll encounter getting it all restored. But don't worry: I'm confident the support folks will put everything back the way it was.

I'll keep ya'll up to date.

As for the "How!!?!?" question, I'm curious myself. I've been downloading some Civ IV mods lately... my best guess is that's where it came from. It'll be a grand old time scouring the internet later, trying to determine which of the two billion keyloggers I have and how to remove it. Le'sigh... why must people be assholes?

Update: 10:30 PST

I've spoken with a GM, and have been referred to a "verification team." Eventually (soon? please?) they'll get back to me and let me know if I get reimbursed. I'm expecting a "yes," obviously.

In the meantime Carwin is stuck in a really weird, slapped together suit of gear. I guess the evil-one wanted to keep every slot filled (so they could run SL? For some reason?), but still wanted to make as much cash as possible, so my suit is a weird hybrid of tank epics and pre-BC blues.

I'll show up tonight to raid-up Kara, but probably won't be running it.

I'm also gonna scour my computer for the culprit spy-ware. When I do I'll post a little guide so you all can do a self-inspection of your own. These things are best caught early!

Update Wed. night

I've posted a massive Post on how to protect yourself from keyloggers here. Check it out!

No news on the item-return front. Quaffle warned me it could take weeks. :(

Thank you for all the support guys! It helps a ton.

Update Thurs. morning

Apparently whoever possessed Carwin also hacks.

> Account Action: 72 Hour suspension
> Offense: Violation of Exploitation and Client/Server Manipulation Policy - Unapproved Third Party Software
> Details: Found to be using unapproved third party software that gave the player an unfair advantage over other World of Warcraft players.

I called and sent an Email in hopes of getting this lifted.

Props to Blizz for being able to catch hacks this efficiently, but... could they maybe have taken into account that my character was reported stolen yesterday? What's the logic here? After 3 years of playing only one character (who has been an officer in the same guild the entire time) I decide, on a dark and stormy Tuesday night, to throw it all away, trash my guild's bank, vendor everything I own, and install a speed hack so I can farm Shadow Labs? Get a grip.

I suppose I shouldn't rant until I get a response from Blizz Support. So far they've been helpful, and it's not like it's their fault I got keylogged.

Still. Grrrr.

Update Friday night

Still banned. No Kara for me tonight.

Update Wed. the 16th

My stuff was restored on Wednesday! Hooray!

A few random things are missing, but all of the really important stuff is here, so it's alllll good.

Dibgy lost his T1 mage belt, but I'm not gonna stress it too much :P

Much of gbank stuff was returned as well, along with a bunch of seemingly unrelated random greens. Not sure what's up with that, but w/e.

My mailbox had a dozen-something pages of this:

Epic mail!

Unfortunately consumables were not returned. So no potions or food. Sorry folks... we'll have to fill the bank back up with that stuff.
09 Jan 2008 by carwin

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