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Zul'Gurub is out, and it's everything I hoped it would be. Last night WoW Watchers went on the long-planned raid with our Allied guild Dreams of Ysera.

This is the first "real" raid we have ever run as a guild. It takes some mental adjusting. For one thing, we have to get used to DEATH. Because die we did!

We died to bats.
We died to snakes.
We died to bosses.
I even died once to Kamery!

Luckily it was all in good fun (you'll pay, Kam!) and on our 6th or 7th attempt we felled the first boss, who's name I totally forget. Let's call her Batgirl. I'm not sure if the encounter went exactly the way Blizzard had planned, but it was still damn hard. Gabriel wins the "MVP" award for that fight: anyone who says Paladin are useless in raids obviously hasn't raided with him.

A nice pair of healadin boots dropped, which Gabriel won as a reward for rocking. We also got our first ZG epic quest item, a Primal Hakkari Sash, which went to Zierlyn I believe. Most importantly: we recieved our first ZG raid ID! Hooray for symbolism!

It was already late, but through pure pluck, determination, and rage I shouted everyone into attempting the next boss. Here was the tragic result:

How do you like your fancy 8k HP now, Warlocks??

Undetered, we tried again! It was incredibly chaotic... the last 10 seconds went something like this:

Sd: Dead!!
Carwin: DEAD!
Croyden: Boss at 5%!!!1
High Priest Venoxis hits Maverros for 1023.
High Priest Venoxis hits Maverros for 1010.
Zierlyn heals Maverros for 2242.
High Priest Venoxis' Holy Wrath hits Zierlyn for 80731 Holy Damage.

Zierlyn: :(
Carwin: did you die?
Zierlyn: ...
High Priest Venoxis hits Maverros for 1103.
Croyden: omg 2%!
High Priest Venoxis hits Maverros for 1231.
Maverros: DAMMIT! DEAD!
High Priest Venoxis dies.

So I guess you could say the hero of this one was... me!

Every time you loot one of these bosses it's like opening a christmas present. This one dropped an incredibly uber 58.6 dps, +1% crit, +44 attack power two-handed axe with +22... intellect!? Bloody hell, pass to the hunters. Grats Horunskeith on having the highest DPS weapon in the Watchers guild!

Totally bad ass.

Not that I'm complaining, I got the Primal Hakkari Girdle, the epic item for the quested ZG Warrior belt!

At this point it was after midnight and about half of the raid was ready to mutiny, so we called it quits. We'll be back tonight to finish the job, though! You're next Hakkar!

Or at least... Hakkari Subordinate #3. But ya know.

Not pictured: Tom, Antonin, Memnon and at least one other person.

Thanks to everyone who attended! A special thanks to Croyden and Gabriel, because without their foresight in organizing an alliance neither of our guilds could have raided tonight.

And before I forget, grats to Sandman on his Wildheart Dress last friday. Here we see the post-lewting party:

Looks like a sausage party to me. There's only one girl and she's about to beat up Xiath.

Don't be thinking that WoW was the only place we've died recently! Rewind your clocks to FFXI Watcher's Night, last Thursday and our journey into Quadav country:

Our attempts to catch an elusive Paladin Testimony for Lucent fell on hard times when a group of Quadav ate Lucent's brains! They tried to eat mine but my party was like "hell no!" and escaped, leaving the others to a terrible "turtles-in-your-ear" brain eating fate. Tough tamales, I say.

Fortunately Raise II magically re-brainificates, so everyone was back together in a jiffy. Desperate for support we called on Sniper. Naturally, once he showed up the item dropped instantly.

Lucent proceeded to bust into Maat's chamber, instantly dc, and lose his testimony. Ouch. The silver lining is that he got another, came back again and owned Maat at only level 68! Grats Lucent!


Also: Maevek got an enfeebling torque, kdc got his PLD AF boots, and Sniper's back from his not-actually-very-long vacation.

As people know, Watchers Nights are now Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week will be slightly disrupted because nobody could log in on Tuesday and I can't come on Thursday... but that doesn't change a thing!!! Log in for events, comradery and possible death every Tuesday and Thursday!

And watch out for this guy:

15 Sep 2005 by carwin

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