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WTF Weekly. Now with more gnome.

The juiciest of the Juice House. In other news pigs have sprouted wings.

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02 May 2006 by talash

watchersonlineSTORE! Grand Opening!

Ladies and gentlemen, pants and pantless alike, today we've reached a new high-point in our community. You've been wanting it, we've been working on it, and now I'm proud to announce that we've officially launched our very own store! Now you can own your very own watchers' apparel; impress your friends, be the envy of your co-workers, and even sit back and sip coffee (or other favored beverages) in style!

Soon, I'll have a forum dedicated soley to the purpose of managing our store. We'll always announce any new items we come up with (and trust me, we've got a lot of work still left to do, and a lot of products to personalize), take comments and suggestions, and here great stories of when your products arrive at your front door.

So, take a break from your day to bask in this wonderous moment for our little community, and browse around the store for a while. And, as always, thanks for just being you.

Another Plug! Woo, store!
02 May 2006 by raiiden

Treasures of Aht'Urhgan Released!

That's right, the latest and probably greatest expansion for Final Fantasy XI should be in stores today! And the Watchers will be there!

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18 Apr 2006 by carwin

The Watchers Times

There was so much news over the past 2 weeks I could think of only one way to organize it...

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13 Apr 2006 by carwin

Unaccustomed particularization

There's a small amount of HIGH IMPACT news. Check it.
30 Mar 2006 by carwin

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