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Happy 4th!

From all of us here at WatchersOnline, have a safe and fun Independence Day!

04 Jul 2006 by raiiden

Watchers Zul'Gurub Raid CYOA

That's Choose Your Own Adventure. And a weird one, at that. Hoo boy. Good luck figuring this nonsense out.

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29 Jun 2006 by carwin

WTF Weekly

A little late but worth the wait!

And check out Carwin's news post below this one!
15 Jun 2006 by talash

Fight Night!

A tiny turtle faces down a hulking beast for your amusement! Who will bring home the prize sack of chicken feed? Find out inside...

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15 Jun 2006 by carwin

WTF Weekly

Super heroes and animals everywhere!
06 Jun 2006 by talash

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