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WTF Weekly

Links and ZG pwnage!
29 Aug 2006 by talash

WTF Weekly

Today I bring you some extra WTF for your viewing (and listening) pleasure! Is it weekly once again? Only time will tell. tongue
21 Aug 2006 by talash

Tower of the Watchers

As some of you know, I was recently granted a special meeting with the World of Warcraft content director: Tigole. He informed me of a new 20-man raid instance currently slated for patch 1.74: The Tower of the Watchers!!

Is that name a funny coincidence, or what!?

Click
10 Aug 2006 by carwin

Swammy Smamdo Tells the Future

Step right up! Only 20g and Swammy Smamdo will tell your past, present and future!
29 Jul 2006 by carwin

WTF Weekly

It's back! Hurray!

Now click Read More. Or else. I know where you live.
11 Jul 2006 by talash

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