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Jin'do Jin'dead

Rollin down teh street, smokin Jin'do, Sippin on Jin and Juice.

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19 Oct 2006 by carwin

The Great Race

There was a Race. It was Great. Also: The.

Put it all together, rearrange a little, and you get an awesome event!

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04 Oct 2006 by carwin

Blood Gods and salesmen.

One-night Hakkar kill, PvP events, and a newbie race. All of this can be yours, if the price is right!

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28 Sep 2006 by carwin

Hakkar Deaded!

20 Watchers wearing 75% blue gear removed 100% of Hakkar's HPs. If they left the station at noon, at what time would they reach Albuquerque?

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15 Sep 2006 by carwin

WatchersIII and Progress

I don't want to alarm anyone, but we actually have news this week. Not just a silly story. I know, it's a little freaky... but...

Yeah, okay, it's freaky.

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31 Aug 2006 by carwin

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