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Burning Crusade is here!

Sorry this is over a week late. It's not my fault, it's BC's.

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24 Jan 2007 by carwin

Watchers Wins WoW

Or is it Watchers Win WoW? Whatever -- Gehennas downed with 19 players on first attempt! Bring on the Burning Legion.

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11 Jan 2007 by carwin

Sick of ZG?

Maybe a little! I don't hate the place or anything, but sometimes I need a break. Such was the motivation for last week's "alternative" raid. It was different to say the least, and luckily Tom was there to record the whole thing.

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08 Jan 2007 by carwin

The Holidays are here again!

A big Happy Holiday hello to Watchers and non-Watchers everywhere!

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23 Dec 2006 by carwin

It is my sad duty to bear still more tragic news. On Friday night, after logging off of WoW, Beliala fell from his best friend's deck and badly broke his neck. He did not recover, and passed away tonight.

Rex, which was Bel's real name, was a seminal Watcher, a skilled player, and a terrific person. In only a few short months he became a respected member of our community; a member whom I looked forward to raiding with every Friday night.

Rex was positive, funny, and patient - he was what more human beings should be. His absence will be deeply felt.

We are trying to organize some means of sending condolences to Rex's family. Keep an eye on the forums. In the meantime, take a moment to project some love, in any way that seems fitting to you, to Rex, his family, and his best friend Aiwass. They need our blessings this Holiday Season.
18 Dec 2006 by carwin

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