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Maid en Karazhan

Our Raidin' of Virtue scores another new kill!

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21 Apr 2007 by carwin

Karazhan... Begun!

Watchers has officially started poking its furry little head into the new BC end-game. Come in and read about our Karacruisin' over the last two weeks.

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12 Apr 2007 by carwin

Taerarable Times

It's the pun that just keeps giving. Come in and read about some of the miscellaneous things we've been doing of late.
23 Mar 2007 by carwin

So you want to be a Hero?

Details on our first steps into heroic level adventuring, now with 500% more whomping!

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09 Mar 2007 by carwin

Is no news good news?

It sounds backwards, but really: the more happening in-game, the less news there is to post. When nothing is going on every little instance is news-worthy, but when 5 instances are being run every day, what is there to say?

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15 Feb 2007 by carwin

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